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Kimberly A.


Arroyo Grande, CA


We did a wine tour this past weekend and out of all the tours we visited this was our favorite. It felt very down to earth, pets roaming the property. Workers stopping to say hello. Wine was fantastic the lady helping us was hilarious and very knowledgeable Gorgeous view too!

Michael O.


Santa Clarita, CA


We came here around 8 years ago…yes we have been coming to Paso for a while now and decided to stop in again.  They used to have a lot of German Shepherds, but after we stopped in we found that all but one has passed away and she was no threat.  They do say not to bring other dogs onto the site so probably a good thing to note.

The owner and his wife were pouring for us and they had some really good wines for the price.  We especially liked one called Jimmy Mon – White which is a Viognier that had aged and became higher alcohol content then most wines (almost like it was infused) he had it ice cold and it was really nice for the $20 we bought two.

Worth a stop for sure, cute place, nice folks.

Jennifer K.


Hanford, CA


Wonderful group of people & such a friendly dog!!! I had read several reviews on Yelp about people being disappointed with the winery because their dogs weren’t allowed. I would like to say that I had a wonderful time at Doce Robles and the on-site German Shepherd was one of the friendliest dogs I’ve ever met. I think many people often forget that not all dogs get along with other dogs – just like people… I don’t like everyone either. The owners have it clearly posted that if you’re bringing a dog onto their property / the dog needs to stay in the vehicle. Which, I believe, is understandable.

Upon entering we were warmly greeted by the owner and his wife. We quickly struck up a conversation and spent the next hour chit-chatting while enjoying some delicious wine. The atmosphere is very low key and very “go with the flow”. It’s absolutely perfect if you’re looking for a tasting room that isn’t stuffy. Our favorite wine was the Zin. I highly recommend buying a bottle – or case :). I cannot wait to go back!

Mary P.


Orange, CA


I have belonged here for many years. Why? It’s close to 101, the owners are actually there and very nice, they do karaoke, it’s open till 530pm, and it’s more affordable than most others in Paso. It’s the low key mom/pop place that you come at the end of the day and have your last hour of fun.  We got two guys in our group to sing and they did several more songs after that!!! Once in a while they do hay rides and I really like that. I wish they had that more often. They have a small store but my friend buys a purse or two each time she comes there. I have brought many friends there and they always enjoy themselves. I like Roblas Rojas and Tempranillo.

Alan M.


Westminster, CA


We enjoy their wines and the staff and dogs are always very friendly.

Debbie H.


Santa Clarita, CA


Great wines, atmosphere and people!  Mary Beth, Stephanie and Jimmy made our first stop of the day a great one!  Good variety of wines Viognier, Tempernillo, Zinfindel and two blends – all tasty!  Favorite was the Boudeau style blend!

With Minnie and Jenna Rose the cat and dog our stop was complete!

Rebeccah W.


San Luis Obispo, CA


Adorable winery, hosts were the family. They were friendly and even took as us on a hey ride (group of 20). Even had karaoke!! Highly recommend.

Nicoline C.


Monrovia, CA


I love this place. MaryBeth is the owner. I absolutely loved her down to earth candor.  Great Viognier.  Not expensive.  Just great all around.

Melissa H.


Dublin, CA

Just leaving this place! It was awesome! It’s not for the stuck up wine folks though! Those kinds may get offended by what happens here: 1) a German Shepard dog when you enter 2) a new German Shepard puppy 3) the owner singing karaoke!!!

At first, I was bummed bc the first couple of tastes we took were not that good! But, then we got to the last taste: Sunset Red… Delicious!!! We ended up buying a case! Usually $22 a bottle, but ended up around $10.

If you are looking for a chill environment, an owner who signs bottles, an owner and wife who actually pour, a place where the owner and tasters can karaoke, then you’ve found your place! Very down to earth, just so comforting… Seriously, you feel like family! Lastly, we ordered two glasses of our favorite wine which are $6.00 a piece, we ended up getting those comped bc my hubby is military. We will for sure be back. So welcoming, so much fun, and knowing the owners care enough to pour = great experience! Another lastly… If you are looking for a smooth red: Sunset Red!!

P.S. songs: sweet Caroline, margaritaville, don’t stop believin’… Just some of the songs! What more can you ask for? 🙂

Julee A.


Idyllwild Pine Cove, CA


Well, I walked in here NOT A red wine drinker and left A red wine drinker! They have FABULOUS Wines; I walked out with 2 bottles: the Cab/Syrah blend and the Syrah Reserve. They were both exceptional! the owners are VERY nice, the shepherd is beautiful!

Jennifer D.


Los Angeles, CA


We were part of the Grapeline tour this past weekend and Doce was our first winery of the day. The owners were absolutely amazing, they gave us a hay ride through the vineyards and even brought along a bottle of wine to top us off throughout the ride. Extremely pleasant and beautiful scenery. The wines are amazing!! This is should be a definite stop for anyone visiting PR.

Jessica S.


San Diego, CA


A nice little winery! Their tastings are $5, and we tried their Dos Blancos, Estate Reserve Barbera, Syrah and their NV Sunset Red. My husband and I enjoyed the flavor of each one (and he usually dislikes wine – even fancy ones!). We took a bought a bottle of their Barbera. The owner was very nice and chatted with us for about 45 minutes. I would definitely recommend a stop here.

Flis W.


Sherman Oaks, CA


This was our first stop on the WineLine tour, and I think we benefitted a lot from that circumstance. Since it was only about 11am when we arrived, we had the place to ourselves. A woman in her 20s with long blond hair (can’t recall her name) is the daughter of the owners and she was *awesome*. We basically got a private lesson in wine tasting and she answered all of our questions patiently and knowledgeably. I learned so much! I ended up buying a bottle of Sy-Rif-Fic and a fridge magnet and my friend bought a bottle (can’t recall of what) and a hat for her stepdad. It was a great experience and I absolutely recommend Doce Robles Winery to wine tasters everywhere.

Bruce C.


Chino Hills, CA

This winery gets a 5.

Ambience – Jimmy and his wife were very knowledgeable and made the first time experience of tasting for our companions pleasant and informative. What a great experience.

Now, the wine. Doce Robles wines have a long, pleasant nose, easy on the alcohol with warm, smooth tastes that linger on the palate. The Tempranillo and Robles Rojo (Red Blend) were the best of an outstanding selection.

Jimmy’s passion for winemaking is apparent in the simple, tasteful tasting room and the quality of the wine. Doce Robles was the highlight of our Paso Robles wine experience.

deven s.


Santa Cruz, CA


This was our first winery on three winery stop. I first would like to say how hard it can be to find this spot. Twelve Oaks Dr. comes up real fast when your driving down 46. So keep your eyes open, there is no signage.  This winery is predominantly reds which was perfect because we adore a great red. Our server was so nice and helpful to our every question regarding the wine and region. All 6 of their  reds delighted our senses! We had to purchase 2 of each getting us a entire case! But the price is right when you buy in bulk.   I would highly recommend stopping into the winery and meeting the owners, perhaps the winemaker will sing a little Brooks and Dune for you! Cheers!

Doce robles winery
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