Spring 2023 Newsletter

June 5, 2023

Vineyard Vitals

This year has proven to be rainy and cold, and we even had a dash of snow! We here at Doce Robles are happy to see the rain, and our healthy, happy vineyard is as well.

Unfortunately, our hearts do ache for all those negatively impacted by the flooding that’s occurred across California. We truly hope everyone is safe and well.

Now we are anxiously waiting for spring and the super-bloom it will bring. We’re awaiting some nice weather and clear skies.

“We hope you enjoy this springs selection. There are a few varieties that have been out for a while and we knew you were missing!”

–Enjoy Jimmy-


2016 Barbera

Fresh-baked homemade gingerbread with molasses is right there up front, and ripe fruit, stewed strawberry, and cherry follow behind with vanilla notes to close it out. The palate has a nutty medley of walnut and pecan, blackberry, and strawberry. This wine has a nice medium body that fills the palate evenly without overpowering or being cloying.

Jimmymon Red

A five-varietal blend featuring Zinfandel, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, & Barbera. Full of fruit and spice on the nose, with an earthy black pepper taste to finish. This is one of our more “casual” fun-drinking wines.

2015 Syrah

Full of jammy fruit and spice on the nose, with spiced cherry, black cherry, kola nut, chocolate, bramble, dark mixed spice, toasty oak, volcanic soil, and black pepper. Juicy and bursting with flavor, with raspberry jam, blackberry preserve, plum, fig, raisin, cedar, chocolate, Bing cherry, spice, earth, and black pepper.

2014 Sy-Rific-Cab

A blend of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine hugs the sweet spot of sweet and tart, savory and juicy, with flavors of blackberry reduction, cherry bark, red licorice, and black pepper. Red pitted fruit flavors lead first, while a jammy strawberry reduction follows.

2017 Petite Syrah

Big, deep raisin. For those who “don’t like sweets.” You’ll easily catch the Syrah influence with an inky dark color. A perfect, full-bodied wine with a spiced nose and mocha hints.

2017 Malbec

The center is a very dark, high-density garnet, while the edge is the characteristically bright fuchsia of Malbec. The nose is very fragrant with the hot Paso climate showing through, producing notes of molasses, potpourri, plum compote, bramble, and sandalwood. It’s extremely jammy on the palate with huge fruit notes, blackberry, and boysenberry. There are date, and fig preserves as well with cherry fruit leather.

Please note that the PS + CS was just bottled Sept.2022 and are in bottle shock, so sit on them for a few more months before drinking (or several decadent hours if you can’t wait). They are wonderful to enjoy!



  • May 6th- Derby Party

Full Moon Parties

  • August 1st- Band TBD
  • Sept 30th- De-Ja-Vu
  • October 28th- Back Pages    

Admittance is now $50.00 per person. We will have a late lunch provided and unlimited booze! This year’s Kentucky Derby party will be on May 6th. Your favorite Derby attire is required, including your best hat! You can even bet on your favorite winner. Purse money will be divided by 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Reservations are required for this event because spots are very limited. So get them before you can’t!

(805) 227-4766

Sophie, Annie, and Baron are doing amazing! We just wish they’d leave the skunks alone this time of year. You would think after being sprayed once, they’d learn their lesson! Every time they get sprayed, they have to stay outside and live with the smell for a week.

Sophie’s taken a liking to the Adirondack chair by the fireplace. It’s safe to say she simply wants to stay warm.

Zoo to you fundraising by the 46 West group. Donations this year were $12,800! Thanks to all who helped make this a huge success.

We here at Doce apologize for our inadequate P.O.S system and to those of you who can’t access our website. Moving forward, we will be getting a new system, so you can all get your wine a click away.

To place an order, email us or contact the Tasting Room. We look forward to hosting you on your next visit to Paso Robles, CA.


2023 TWELVE OAKS DRIVE, PASO ROBLES, CA 93446 (805) 227-4766


April 5, 2021

Vineyard Vitals

Rainfall record for Paso Robles this past January! The rainfall total reported (January 28-29) was 2.6-inches over a 24-hour period, which is nearly five times greater than the previous rainfall record set in 1981 of .46-inches. Despite the record breaking rains – we still have only totaled a little over 6 inches of rain, as of early March. Tons of tilling to do in anticipation of much needed precipitation!

Jim & Maribeth purchased their property 25 years ago in Paso Robles Wine Country. They’re families are also celebrating over 100 years as California farmers and with over 1,000,000 bottles of wine sold to date!

Paso Robles is a wine region for the wild-hearted. Today, Paso Robles is still considered

by many as the wine industry’s Wild West. The town El Paso de Robles (which means Pass of the oak trees) was co-founded by Kentucky outlaws Frank and Jesse James’ uncle Drury around 1869.

What makes Paso’s terroir exceptional is the diversity in soils, elevation and rainfall. The Paso Robles Viticulture Area is California’s largest in size and home to the largest Calcareous based soil formation in all of California. This is a great soil type for a warm climate, where ripening grapes is no problem!

Today, Jesse James and his crew would approve and enjoy the unbridled spirit of this unique, bold, and flavorful grape-growing region we call home.

2014 Estate Merlot


With so much fruit on the nose & palate – and a bright acidity – you might want to keep plenty of this wine on hand. We adore this food-fabulous treat. This Merlot has a beautiful ruby coloring with excellent consistency and clarity throughout. The nose is huge and very varietally correct, with notes of strawberry, toffee, toasted nuts, sandalwood, and slate. The palate is full of wonderful fruit character with pluot, bubblegum, bing cherry, wild strawberry, and gooseberry. The bright fruit is driven by the bright acidity, and while it has a lighter body in terms of mouthfeel, it makes up for it with huge fruit-forward drinking experience. This wine would go nicely with a watermelon salad with arugula and bleu cheese crumbles.

2014 Estate Syrah


This wine is one to stock up on, but be warned: quantity is limited.

This wine has beautiful crimson color and even consistency from core to edge. This wine has an interesting nose of vanilla, molasses, subtle cooling spearmint, wet gravel, blackberry, and plum. The flavor profile of this wine is replete with white pepper, black currant, cranberry, pomegranate and tart cherry. This medium-bodied Syrah slides straight down the center of the palate for an all-business wine-drinking experience. Let’s get serious with a pulled-pork sandwich on a Racer 5 bun, piled-high, and drenched with authentic Texas BBQ sauce. Our mouths are watering, is yours?

2014 Sy-rific-Cab

A “Sy of relief” red blend, our flagship blend (of 60% Syrah, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon) is smooth (thanks to extended aging) and delicious. On the nose, this wine is lively and full of fruit! Fresh blueberry, blackberry and raspberry lead the way. On the palate, this wine hugs the sweet spot between sweet and tart, savory and juicy.

2014 Barbera

 Definitely one of those wines that is all too easy keep “revisiting”. What a nose! The delectable Barbera with molasses right there up front, and ripe fruit, stewed strawberry, and cherry follow behind with vanilla notes to close it out. The palate then takes you by complete surprise – the spotlight is a nutty medley of walnut and pecan. There’s plenty of fruit too with blackberry and strawberry being the main flavors there.

2014 Cabernet Sauvignon


 Ripe Paso fruit jumps from the glass, with Bing cherry, young blackberry, black currant, raspberry, strawberry, exotic spice, cherry candy, hard leather, spice box and a hint of black pepper. Juicy and fresh on the palate, with flavors of Bing cherry juice, wild strawberry, spice box, raspberry, bramble, red currant, cranberry, leather, slate mineral and toasty oak.

2014 Zinfandel

 Full of jammy fruit and spice on the nose, with spiced cherry, black cherry, kola nut, chocolate, bramble, dark mixed spice, toasty oak, volcanic soil and black pepper. Juicy and bursting with flavor, with raspberry jam, blackberry preserve, plum, fig, raisin, cedar, chocolate, Bing cherry, spice, earth and black pepper.

Critter Corner!

We welcomed two beautiful (and handsome) additions to the Doce Pack – Annie & Barron!


February 18, 2021


When you take a sip of a dry red wine, that sensational ‘mouth-feel’ comes from the grape’s naturally occurring tannic acid.

In the wine-making process, the grape juices are in contact with the tannin-rich grape skins for a longer period of time.

This is called “maceration” and the length of this process determines the tannic acid content in wine.



November 16, 2020

Vineyard Vitals

Jim & Maribeth purchased their property 24 years ago in Paso Robles Wine Country. The vineyard today still consists of these plantings: Merlot, Syrah, Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel. Seven years ago Jimmy added Malbec and Petite Sirah for a total of seven planted varietals across 36 acres. All in great standing and health.

Rain came our way thanks to a much needed Miracle March in San Luis Obispo County. The lack of moisture in February drove most of California into the Abnormally Dry category. Nevertheless, another wet weather system favored us and saved our rainfall season. Jim got to work composting the vineyard before March. Organic manure matter takes about 3-4 months to make. The soil was aerated and covered just in time for the rain.

2020 Harvest is officially underway in Paso Robles. Thankfully, the smoke from fires in Monterey County have not been a factor in terms of “smoke taint.” The haze shielded the region from sun and (in a weird way) helped keep things a cooler during a near record high.

2016 Estate Malbec – Club Only

The center is a very dark, high-density garnet while the edge is the characteristically bright fuchsia of Malbec. The nose is very fragrant with the hot Paso climate showing through, producing notes of molasses, potpourri, plum compote, bramble, and sandalwood. It’s extremely jammy on the palate with huge fruit notes blackberry and boysenberry. There are date and fig preserves as well with cherry fruit leather.  

2016 Estate Petite Sirah – Club Only   

Sweet and spice and everything nice on the nose, with aromas of blackberry, baked apple, spice box, baker’s chocolate, leather, and cigar box. Juicy and bright on the palate, with flavors of tart cherry, young blackberry, Bing cherry, soft spice, red candy apple, supple leather and black pepper.               

2014 Sangiovese – Club Only –  LIMIT 3 BOTTLES

This limited vintage of Sangiovese was carefully aged up to 54 months in French and American Oak. It pays tribute to the growers from the Hidden Valley Vineyards. It comes across fresh, alert, and snappy for being so dark and intense with fat ripe blackberry flavors. It finishes with subtle hints of minty oak and licorice with a comfortable fade of graphite.

2016 Robles Rojos – Club Only

 A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, and Cabernet Franc.  This wine is sweet and rich on the nose, with mixed berry compote of blueberry, blackberry, and mulberry, chocolate covered cherry, Santa Rosa plum, grilled mission fig, spice, black tea, cedar and toasty cedar.  Juicy flavors explode onto the palate, with fruits in the lead. Blackberry, black cherry, Alpine strawberry, plum, grilled fig, mixed dark spice, darkly toasted oak, subtle tobacco leaf and smoky blueberry.


Striker & Sophie 

We found Sophie her playmate in August! His name is Striker. After a 61 day gestation period, Sophie birthed seven beautiful and healthy puppies. Five boys and two girls. Sorry, all the puppies have been spoken for… but be sure to come visit the little daughter we are keeping. We are thinking Annie or Remy…

Restoration Project – Class of 1969

Jimmy still has this old beauty, his Ol’ Massie Girl. She’s a 1969 Massie Ferguson, 165 tractor, bought brand new by Jimmy’s father. It wasn’t the first tractor he drove, but the second, and at the very young age of 12 years old. Jimmy: “It was better than the 1st one because now we had powered steering, breaks, clutch AND more horse power.”

Jim Jacobsen & his father Stanley Jacobsen

Jim’s family has been farming for over 100 years! His grandfather, Jacob Jacobsen immigrated to America in the early 1900s and began grape farming in the San Joaquin Valley. Jim’s father, Stanley pioneered in HIS father’s footsteps to farm grapes and tree fruit. Stanley served as Fresno County Farm Bureau’s President for two terms in 1974-76. Stanley and Jim were one of the first families to embrace mechanical grape harvesting in the 70s and also worked in custom cotton harvesting.

 Cheers to California Family Farmers! 🍷

Parties, Festivals, Events, & More…

We didn’t get to do much celebrating this year at the vineyard estate but look out for next year! Live music, amazing wines, great company, and gorgeous vineyard sunset views!  Don’t forget Jimmy’s vineyard hayrides!

Vineyard Hayride Tours

A classic Doce Robles experience is, first and foremost, laid-back. With our tucked away country setting overlooking the vineyards, our estate is known for being relaxing and inviting. Tour with winemaker Jim Jacobsen and learn about his wines’ and vines’ behind the scenes. Hayride Package includes: vineyard hayride, full wine tasting flight, additional glass of wine, and a picnic pack. Call the tasting room to reserve a hayride today!

Weddings and Special Events

A true hidden gem… family owned and operated. Create memorable weddings and awesome events on our winery – vineyard estate. Our small hidden hill, embraced with a cypress tree grove entrance, is a lovely location that features 360° vineyard views. The patio space provides a flagstone floor, lawn area, and tin-roof stage. Call our Tasting Room for details.

Holiday Deals – Winter 2020

Let us do the shopping! We will be releasing our holiday deals soon featuring 3, 6, and 12 bottle packages with discounted or free shipping. For personal consumption or gift to a loved one. Plenty to celebrate in welcoming the beginning of the end, to an exceptionally long, taxing, year. Our biggest thank you to all our Doce Robles wine enthusiasts and their business during this year to forget, which will not be forgotten.